1. What is antisemitism?

2. What was the name of the secret state police force of Nazi Germany?

3. Cite two phrases from the wiki that tell you why many people resented the Jews. Don't forget to use quotations marks.

4. The Nuremberg Laws defined a Jew as a person ....

5. What were some of the tactics that Nazi Storm Troopers used to stir up anti Jewish sentiments (feelings) during the 1930s?

6. Name three concentration camps used by the Nazis.

7. Cite two reasons why the German people supported the Nazi Party.

8. What was a mobile killing squad?

9. What did the Jews do to help preserve their culture for future generations?

10. What was the Resistance?

11. Any Jew over the age of 12 had to wear what symbol on thier sleeve?

12. The invasion of this country on September 1, 1939 marked the beginning of World War II. What was the name of the country?

13. Describe life in the Warsaw ghetto.

14. What was the "final solution" to the Jewish question in Europe?

15. Describe the selection process used by the Nazis at the death camps.

16. What was the Warsaw Uprising?

17. Why didn't the nations of the world do more to stop the killing of the Jews?

18. Why do you think the Americans forced the German people from the towns around the liberated concentration camps to tour the facilities?